Advances in Monte Carlo rendering: The legacy of Jaroslav Křivánek

SIGGRAPH 2020 (course)

Jaroslav Křivánek's research aimed at finding the one robust and efficient light transport simulation algorithm that would handle any given scene with any complexity of transport. He had a clear and unique vision of how to reach this ambitious goal. On his way, he created an impressive track of significant research contributions. In this course, his collaborators will tell the story of Jaroslav's quest for that "one" algorithm and discuss his impact and legacy.


Jaroslav Křivánek has been an outstanding and highly respected rendering researcher who passed away far ahead of time. Through his numerous contributions to light transport simulation, he profoundly influenced an entire domain of academia and industry. In this course, we will recap many important contributions of Jaroslav's career, underlining their practicality and piecing them together as subsequent steps to finding the "one" robust light transport simulation algorithm that would efficiently render any given scene. Rarely has a single person had such an impact, and we believe it is worth remembering and continuing his legacy.

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